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Tutoring services are offered remote/online only with an interactive white board.

Adult Students - Architecture


I offer tutoring for Rhino 3D and Illustrator, leveraging my hands-on experience as a 5th-year architecture student. I am able to break down the steps and commands in ways that are easy to remember and utilize, ensuring you gain practical skills and confidence in using these powerful design tools.


K-9 Tutoring

I use an interactive whiteboard that enables  a collaborative and engaging learning experience. Sessions  are designed to be very hands-on, ensuring that students are actively participating in the learning process. Additionally, all materials covered during lessons are made available to both students and parents via the portal.

Small Group

Small Group Tutoring

Group sessions are typically in groups of 3-8 students. The sessions take place using an interactive whiteboard. The students and tutor (Simi ) are able to collaborate in a conducive learning environment. Students and parents have access to all materials covered during lessons via our portal. (15% discount for small group sessions)

one-on-one or Group

Homework Help

 A convenient way for students to receive assistance with their homework. Student's can send pictures or PDFs of your assignments via text, email, or through our online portal during the designated office hours of our tutor, Simi. This service is especially beneficial for students with a heavy workload who require additional help.

  • Mathematics 

  • ELA 

  • Art 

    Adobe Illustrator, Rhinoceros, Enscape, Visual Arts.

  • Homework Help